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The lock specialist in Haarlem and surroundings

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Benefits of Locksmith Haarlem

  • Local 24/7 locksmith
  • Within 20 minutes on location in Haarlem
  • Lock maintenance and repair
  • Locks with SKG certificate in stock
  • Request a cost in advance
  • Locksmiths with diplomas and VOG
  • Always available by phone
  • Pay securely with pin

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Locksmith Haarlem

Elected most reliable locksmith in Haarlem e.o.

At Locksmith Haarlem we have a 24-hour service 7 days a week. Our qualified locksmiths are therefore always ready to help you quickly and professionally with all locksmith services. Do you urgently need help because, for example, you have been broken into or locked out? Our recognized specialists are at your location in Haarlem within 20 minutes


Locked out in Haarlem?

Locksmith Haarlem is with you within 20 minutes. You will receive a clear quote in advance.

  • Slot wordt zonder schade geopend
  • Professionele manier van openen
  • Binnen 20 minuten bij u in Haarlem
  • Onze diensten zijn 24/7 inzetbaar
Locked out in Haarlem?

Professional services from our locksmith Haarlem

The emergency service of Locksmith Haarlem is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So even if you come home late at night and find that it has been broken into, our expert locksmiths will make sure you sleep safely. Not in a hurry, but do you need advice about burglary protection? Our security consultants will visit you to provide the best security advice for your home.

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Professional services from our locksmith Haarlem

Replace locks

Sometimes the lock needs to be replaced. For example, if your lock is very outdated or you have lost your key. Installing a new lock also provides more security after a burglary. We offer professional lock replacement day and night.

Open locks

You close the door and realize the keys are still there, or worse, they’re locked. But if your key breaks in the lock, you can also be locked out. Our locksmiths in Haarlem will help you immediately.

Burglary protection

Use sturdy and certified hinges and locks to prevent burglary. Our lock experts know everything about burglary and are happy to advise you on the best way to secure your home.

Multi-point lock

Lock doors in multiple places with just one key? This can be achieved with multi-point locking. That’s why multi-point locks are a great way to prevent break-ins and are often used to secure front doors.

Open safes

Keep your most valuables or important documents in a safe. If you have lost the key, it is therefore important to open the safe without damaging the contents. Our experienced and reliable locksmith will be with you within 20 minutes.

Core pull protection

By applying the core pulling method, burglars can quickly break into a building. By having core pulling accessories installed, you make it much harder to break into. Today, core pull protection is mandatory in new homes. Do you want to know what is possible for you? Our lock expert will be happy to visit you.

What about the locksmith in Haarlem and the insurance?

If you are the victim of a burglary, our locksmith can repair the damage and replace the defective locks. You can declare the costs incurred to the insurer for reimbursement. For this you need an invoice for our services and an official report.

What about the locksmith in Haarlem and the insurance?

What is the smart thing to do if I have lost my keys?

Loss of keys is usually considered negligence by insurance companies. Some insurance companies will reimburse the costs. Always check your policy to be sure. Opening or exchanging keys can be quickly arranged by our locksmith Haarlem.

What is the smart thing to do if I have lost my keys?

A safe feeling in your home or building with a locksmith in Haarlem

Locksmith Haarlem has a lot of information about anti-burglary methods to secure your home or property. On request, we can give you tailor-made advice on burglary protection to give you clarity about the available resources. Contact us for advice on burglary prevention and to make an appointment.

023 - 781 00 05

A safe feeling in your home or building with a locksmith in Haarlem

Can I reuse a bent key after straightening it myself?

Straightening the key yourself can create a weak point that can easily break the key. The locksmith therefore recommends that you no longer use bent keys.

Depending on the type of lock. While wiping with a cloth is sufficient for one lock, other locks sometimes require a special cleaning agent. Ask our locksmith what is best for you.

Unfortunately, you can’t break a door or lock without breaking it while it’s locked. Of course we do the work as correctly as possible.

Naturally! The lock should fit your needs and budget. Our locksmiths are happy to advise you on this.

This is a quality mark to show that homes are properly secured. In this way, burglars can give up the burglary attempt earlier.

Werkgebied Slotenmaker Haarlem

Onze monteurs zijn actief in een relatief klein werkgebied in Haarlem en omgeving. Daarom heeft u de garantie dat de monteur binnen 20 minuten bij u op de stoep staat.

023 - 781 00 05

Feline, Haarlem

When we got home from vacation, our house was broken into. Fortunately, not much was taken, but the lock on the front door was forced. A locksmith was immediately called to replace the broken lock with a new and safe lock. Fast service to let us reclose what we value.


Gilian, Haarlem

A stupid move on my part, of course: I lock the door behind me and leave the key in it. Of course the neighbors don't have a key, probably the locksmith there. It came super fast and opened the door for me and made an extra key, I am so happy with the service!


Meerten, Haarlem

After a day of shopping I come home, there is nowhere to take the keys with me between all the shopping. We called a locksmith when we found the number on the website and he was there very quickly. He opened the lock without damaging it and when we got in we were able to lock it again with the spare keys.